Introducing… The Sojourners Circle.

A mentoring program and community designed to get you moving toward your purpose.

The Sojourners Circle is uniquely designed for Christian women who know they were made for more but don't know what to do next. 

Its biblically-based content and practical strategies will help you move from feeling frustrated, stuck and even unfulfilled to living a purpose—full life.  This is mentoring designed to equip and empower you.  From the guiding questions, to practical instruction, strategies, inspiration, reflection and community, you’ll find exactly what you need to discover more fully who God made you to be.



Your life isn’t just for living.  God made you for more!

And this journey into purpose—this sojourn together with other women like you—will help get you there.

We know God designed you for a purpose, and we want to help you live it, every day.

We’re Alyssa Preston, PhD and Kisha Gaines—a university professor and corporate executive who learned the pathway to purpose the hard way.  Now we love to help other women navigate this journey well.

It isn’t easy.  But it’s the “more” you’ve been looking for. 

Before we tell you about this life changing mentoring program, here are some details you need to know.

Who it's for:

  • Christian women who want more from life but haven't discovered what that “more” is yet  
  • Believers who desire a closer relationship with God and a confident understanding of their God-given purpose
  • Go-getters who know they’re called to improve their world (or the world) with their gifts, talents and abilities, but don’t know exactly how
  • Professionals who invest in personal development, but value the power of community as a place where we sharpen one another
  • Dreamers and doers who are ready to step into a more purpose—full journey
  • Active learners who don't have time to waste and appreciate direct, action-oriented coaching to help them reach their God-given destiny

What you get:


  • Instruction that teaches you foundational principles and strategies essential for pursuing your purpose
  • Mentoring that helps you move from where you are in your journey to where you were created to be
  • Engagement with other sojourners through a community experience designed to connect those who are passionately pursuing their God-given destiny

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As a member of The Sojourners Circle, you’ll get a monthly bundle with self-paced content + dynamic community engagement.


Here's what a monthly membership in The Sojourners Circle includes.

  • FOUNDATIONAL TEACHING: Instructional videos that guide you through spiritual foundations for maximizing your potential and living in your purpose.
  • GUIDING QUESTIONS: Weekly questions designed to help you engage the content in practical ways so you can pivot into your purpose with greater confidence.
  • REFLECTIONS: Step-by-step guidance on how to make the pursuit of purpose a part of your everyday life and an intentional part of your time with God. 
  • ACTIVATIONS: Clear challenges that help you move forward in pursuit of purpose.
  • COMMUNITY: A Kajabi and Facebook community to encourage, inspire and motivate you to keep moving along the journey. 
  • TSC SPECIALS: Member only invitations to unique content, special offers, and more.


TSC Membership

  • Foundational Teaching
  • Guiding Questions
  • Reflections
  • Activations
  • Community
  • TSC Specials

The Sojourners Circle Monthly Membership

Nothing sticks unless you have skin in the game.  This is why there’s a monthly membership fee to be a part of The Sojourners Circle.  The introductory price will be $25 per month for founding Sojourners Circle Members.  This community will be limited to 25 participants, so get ready to sign up when it opens in 2021!


Isn’t it time for you to discover the “more” you’ve been looking for?


We believe this mentoring program is exactly what you need for this journey.

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We can't wait to sojourn with you!

We know God designed you for a purpose, and we want to help you live it, every day.