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It's great to have you with us! Before we tell you more about our story, we'd like to talk about yours.

If you’re like most of our tribe, you know success.

You’re good at what you do. You lead in work and life.

You're always ready for the next “yes.” Opportunities are an avenue for growth, giving back and connection. You even have fun along the way!

People look to you for ideas, advice, support, and execution because you deliver.

But there’s something missing, isn’t there?

You work hard to look like you have it all together while keeping life together for those around you. 

You do the right things. You connect with the right people. And though you dislike being described as busy, you don’t know how to live any other way. 

You're moving fast but often wonder if you're actually getting anywhere. You may even wonder if this is your dream for your life or if you're living someone else's dream.

Rest is elusive. You’re tired and empty inside.

When you get still enough to hear your own thoughts, there’s a quiet refrain that keeps playing: there must be more to life than this.

Does this sound familiar?

We’ve been there too.

And we know it's not easy to explain to others why your full and success-filled life isn't actually fulfilling.

When you try, people think you're on the road to burnout and need a vacation. Even close family and friends don't understand how your good life isn't good enough. They assume that your frustrations can be fixed with more material success or more experiences. 

So you...

Stop talking about your frustrations.

Take the vacation.

Go out with the girls.

Chase a bigger project or promotion.

Pour yourself into one-sided relationships, hoping for a different outcome.

The bliss is momentary. Before long, you're frustrated again.

This is the cycle of living "successful and stuck."

And this is NOT how you were meant to live your life!

Our friendship was cultivated out of an attempt to fix this frustrating cycle. Here’s a glimpse into our stories.

Alyssa began in academia, where she earned her doctorate and flourished in teaching and leadership for 13+ years. At the same time, she hustled as a consultant in brand and identity development. On the verge of tenure, she was tired, frustrated, and unfulfilled. In faith (and frustration) she resigned. Her next step took her into ministry for six years, where she helped people discover their gifts and purpose as God reframed hers.

Kisha graduated university and immediately entered Corporate America. Her dream was the American Dream. While working for a multi-billion dollar company, years of operational success led to significant leadership roles and professional advancement. She was selected to pioneer a Transition Team, helping people shift from where they are to where they need to be in order to move the company forward to its future state. This changed everything as she discovered the power of living in the place where purpose meets passion.

In faith and friendship, we discovered a shared love of good (and I mean good) coffee, travel, the NBA, and cheese boards. 

We also discovered that the cycle of being successful and stuck couldn’t be fixed. It had to be broken.

Can we help you do the same?

You may be like many of the women we’ve already helped to break the cycle of being successful and stuck.

You're trying to bridge the gap between frustration and fulfillment, but it’s not working.

You can't break the cycle alone. 

That's why we started The Smart Carpenter.

Our purpose is to help women break the cycle of being successful and stuck, and to equip them to make confident choices that lead to a truly fulfilled life. 

We are MENTORS who guide you with practical life strategies based on biblical truth.

We are MOTIVATORS who inspire, encourage, and build confidence that gets you moving.

We are MAKERS who create community and equip you to build life well.


We’ve got the foundational tools, materials, and blueprints to help you get moving again, and everything we do is grounded in biblical truth and practical strategies.

You were meant to build life well. 

Join us for this journey!

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