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Building Life Well.

Ladies, we get it.  Building life well can be hard!  So we've created FREE resources to help you get started.  Click any of the freebies below to begin.

RESTORE- A mini book

Are you ready to be a part of the change this world needs?  

Let's RESTORE our courage to say what's right, boldness to be kind, equality for all and biblical thinking in our culture.

We believe YOUR influence can help break the cycles of discrimination, sexism and intolerance in your family, communities, cities, nations and in the world.

It starts with You and Me.

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Becoming Good Ground Workbook

We've got a FREE workbook packed full of things to help you build relationships well.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for better relationships with your friends, spouse, family, or co-workers. The starting point is the same—YOU!

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Relational Selections Quiz

You get to choose your relationships. The question is, how do you choose well?

We’ve developed a simple and quick tool to help you decide if this friendship, romantic relationship or partnership is best for you.

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The Choice Is Yours Worksheet

A Blueprint for change.

Did you know you were made for change? Are you ready to embrace the kind of change that really changes your life? It’s a journey, and like every journey, it begins with a step.

I'm Ready For Change

YOU CAN Printable

A daily declaration.

YOU CAN build a great life.  You were designed on purpose for a purpose.  It takes intentionality and believing in yourself and this daily declaration can help.  Print it out, post it where you can see it and remind yourself that “YOU CAN”!

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The Right Conditions Worksheet

Find your 'life weeds' in 3 simple steps.

Through this downloadable worksheet you will:

  • Find what's holding you back
  • Process necessary change
  • Create action steps for success
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2021 Personal Pledge

Resolve is an inner commitment — a relentless determination. A personal promise you refuse to break.

Don't miss out on this FREE guide that will empower you to step up your resolve and choose to build life well this year!

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