Blog Spotlight with Coach Joaniebop: When Passion & Potential Collide

Dec 14, 2020

Doing my own thing, in my own way, was always my mantra.  But two years ago I was stopped in my tracks.

My marriage was a wreck.  I disliked most people.  I couldn’t tell up from down.  BUT I was focused forward, singing “just keep walking…” every step of the way. 

I’m not one to sit around, so while I was looking for the best next step, I found myself at a local car dealership.  I was there for a car, but God had more in store for me.  

I met a woman who talked up her church—a place called Victory.  I told my husband about it.  We decided that a church is a good way to get a reset on marriage and life, so we went there for a visit.

One weekend led to another, and before long we were connected.  These people had a way of getting into your business and your life!  They made it their business to get to know me.  You could even say they were relentless.

Remember, at this time in my life I disliked most people.  The real issue was I didn’t trust them. Not even with a one-foot pole!

Still… I joined a small group called Propel Women—a women’s leadership small group started Christine Caine (my best friend—ha! ha! She just doesn't know it yet!).  

I showed up, sat in the corner and didn’t talk to anyone for months.  However, the group leaders (Alyssa and Kisha) loved me, showed me kindness, and poured into my empty vessel.  

The relentless love in this group changed my life.  I realized that real relationships were just what I needed for major change in my driven, individualized journey.  I even met my best friend, Michelle, during this time.  Today, we call ourselves the Golden Girls—four women who commune and do life together. 

Joining this small group marked the beginning of a slow process of taking down some serious walls in my life, brick by brick.  This wall was full of self-reliance, lack of vulnerability, distrust in others—especially women, and the need to control my own destiny. 

In the middle of it all, God began to restore my heart and vision for my life.  He used friendships to bring healing.  He also used those friends and our conversations to turn me toward His purpose for my life. 

In these moments, God was working things together for my good.  Was it easy?  Nope.  Did I resist at times?  Yes.  But God never stopped pursuing me.  The more I focused on Him, the more He led me to relationships and ideas that changed my life. 


One of the most defining realizations of this journey was learning that I wasn’t meant to do life alone.  I needed other people—friends, mentors and leaders who could love me into the woman God always meant for me to be.  

God also ministered to my heart in intricate and very personal ways during this season.  He encouraged me and showed me the opportunities before me… fanning the fire of dreams and ideas that burned deep inside me. 

In just two short years, so much changed in my marriage and my life.  I was building better relationships all around, and I know God set specific people in my life to walk alongside me.  They’ve been there from my time as a small group leader into the world of entrepreneurship.  

Now I get to be there for others.  

I call this On Purpose Planning and Consulting.  It’s based on my story and my journey—a woman who went from being concerned about me and my success, to a purpose-driven advocate for Jesus.  This business and all it involves is how I live out what God fired up in me.  Through this business, I provide others with the empowerment to lead themselves well and to truly understand who they are, layer by layer.  I also get to connect people to Jesus.  This is the ultimate purpose in life.  

My mantra—“#DoBetter On Purpose”—comes from years of corporate experience with continuous improvement and my own personal journey.  It’s based on two keys that I always champion.

  1. Always be a life learner, teachable and willing to improve yourself, but all with intentionality.
  2. Know who you really are: an image bearer of Christ.  He is the ultimate definer of your purpose. 

When you put both of these principles of personal leadership and awareness together, there’s no lid you can’t break through!

To begin a journey like mine, you’ve got to do what it takes to develop in certain areas.  In my experience, there are five things that top this list.  You must:

  • Get grounded in God.
  • Invite people into your life for a real relationship.
  • Be vulnerable, even if it feels impossible at first.
  • Find your sweet spot at the intersection of what you love and what you’re good at.
  • Never stop growing! 

These five things are what helped me to #DoBetter On Purpose, and I believe they’ll do the same for you. Just take it one step at a time.  

In my life, I discovered my “secret recipe”—a recipe that has led me into life-changing relationships and incredible professional opportunities.  My recipe is this:

I inhale my God-given breath of intensity, and I exhale empowerment into others. 

I get to do this by building future leaders who pour out the gifts and abilities in their life to bless others.  This is living my life, on purpose.  And it’s where my passion and purpose meet the lives of so many amazing people who have so much to offer this world.

You can have this kind of intentional life too.

Don’t wait another day.  

Just take one step.  

As you do, think about what’s burning deep inside you. 

No matter what you’ve experienced this year, you can still be you, on purpose. 

I challenge you to go for it, and watch God move in your life like He moved in mine.



HI, I’m Coach Joaniebop!

I love to equip people to grow into authentic and purpose-filled leaders.

It is my privilege and honor to walk alongside others, using my passions and giftings to accelerate change!  I have the innate ability to dive deep into situations, dig out the root issues and devise an action plan for success.  I can absorb information, tear it apart, simplify it, then put it back together again for practical application. 

I live in Pittsburgh, PA, and hail from the great state of Ohio.  I’m married to JR, and I have a bonus son, Alandro.

Coach Joaniebop's Favorite Things 

  • John Maxwell 
  • Enneagram
  • God is Dope
  • Beyoncé
  • Christine Caine


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