Dec 02, 2019

Hot powerflow yoga makes me (Alyssa) a hot mess. 

It’s between 92-95 degrees in the room when class begins. We smell good and look good. Then we start to move. And we keep moving for most of the next 60 minutes.

If you’ve never been in this kind of workout before, the steam, heat, and constant movement leaves you d r i p p i n g with sweat. It runs off your nose, down your arms, and even between your toes! By the time class is over, no one looks good or smells good anymore.

But something remarkable happens in that hour.

There’s no mobile phones. No computers. No televisions. No conversations. No to-do lists. No time to think about anything but staying in the movement.

Restless minds are stilled. Bodies are stretched and strengthened. Emotions are quiet.

In a word, this one hour replenishes.


The act of being replenished is vital to your health, especially the health of your soul.

When you’re replenished, you get filled back up so you can keep doing good work in this world without burning out or losing it on your favorite Starbucks barista.

We read about the importance of soul health throughout the Bible, but it’s only talked about this way by John, Jesus’ closest disciple and friend. 

In his letter to Gaius, John leads with the importance of soul health as a way to keep up a full and fulfilling life. 

Dear Friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well. (3 John 1:2 (NLT)

In other translations, the idea of the soul “getting along well” is tied specifically to three things — mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. 

John understood the demands on Gaius’ life and ministry. He also knew that Gaius would be headed for burn out if he neglected to care for his soul. In one introductory phrase, John sends Gaius a clear message: get it right inside, or everything falls apart!

We understand the demands on your life and have the same encouragement or you: take care of yourself, or everything falls apart!

The power of this encouragement goes to new levels when we remember that John was one of Jesus’ closest disciples. In fact, he called himself “the one whom Jesus loved” FIVE times in The Gospel of John, which he also authored. 

John knew something about soul health. He was close to the man who mastered it: Jesus. And he saw Jesus live in soul health every single day for three years!

What did Jesus do that was so different? 

Jesus scheduled time to be replenished, and He kept His appointments.

John saw Jesus make intentional decisions to slip away into the wilderness to get replenished (Like 5:16 TPT). And He did this a lot.  

When John writes to Gaius, it’s with firsthand knowledge of what it takes to keep yourself in soul health. 


Since Jesus gave himself time and space to be replenished, it’s probably a good thing to emulate, right?!

Jesus had a simple process for replenishment. He did it through rest, time with His father, and prayer.

We recommend all of the above as often as possible!

We also know you may need a little variety in your times of replenishing. So, get creative!

It might be a walk outside. Maybe it’s a quiet nook for a new book or spending more time in God’s word with a Bible reading plan. It could be a renewed commitment to your exercise routine or as Bianca Olthoff says, “being kneaded by a woman with Russian man hands!” You may need good conversation with people who encourage you  in ways that fill you up. If you are like Kisha, you may need a Sunday nap and time alone.

To be replenished is not just for you. 

It’s really your gift to others. 

When you make time to be replenished, you’re receiving back what you’ve given away in the form of work, encouragement, a listening ear, physical help, love, words, and more. 

You’re like that container full of yummy, homemade Christmas cookies and sweet treats everyone knows about and expects to be full this time of year. And like that container, you start full of goodness, sweetness, and holiday cheer. 

Then you give a little goodness away. Each time you give of yourself, you reduce the amount of goodness left to give to others. 

To keep giving out, you have to keep filling up. If you keep giving out to your kids, friends, job, volunteering or whatever else makes your list, you will eventually run out of the good stuff that makes you so yummy. 

We know it can feel selfish to take time for yourself. And we know this feeling is amplified around the holidays when there are so many things to do and so many people to see. You will have to choose to make time for yourself to be your best for others. No one wants to celebrate the holidays with someone who’s given away all her Christmas cheer! 

To keep yourself replenished:

  • Decide now what you need for replenishing to happen. 
  • Pick a day, location, and time to get replenished. 
  • Put it on your schedule.
  • Show up  for yourself! Do your very best to keep this appointment. It’s too important to skip.

We also have a tool that can help you prioritize what’s truly important. We call it the Choose Joy Holiday Planning Guide, which can be accessed HERE

To be replenished is a gift that just keeps giving. 

The more replenished you are, the more joy, peace, and goodness you have to give to others.


Make time to be replenished. 

Keep choosing joy.

And let’s build life well... all season long!


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