How to Lead with Honor

Jun 22, 2020

Right now, our nation is feeling the tension between a great injustice and a great awakening. 


In the midst of anger, frustration and confusion, a deep hunger for unity is rising. People everywhere asking a foundational question for building life and relationships well: how can I be part of the change we need in the world today?


It may sound obvious, but change requires change. 


Building these bridges in your spheres of influence only happens when you choose to change.


The starting point for transformational influence that reaches across the deep hurts of cultural schisms comes from your personal commitments and interactions. To lead with honor is a heart posture in you that determines to hold other people in esteem and great respect. It’s a step toward reconciliation and restoration, regardless of the gap you’re trying to cross.


This kind of leadership starts in you and your family. But it doesn’t stop there. What you believe and how you act multiplies through the people you’re connected to, from your workplace to your church, community, city and beyond.  


In our first-ever IGTV live mentoring session (linked below), we talked about what it means to lead with honor.


The choice to lead with honor is a choice to look for ways you can build toward unity by reaching into diversity


Because this is such an important message for today, we’re sharing this 30-minute session with you as our blog for the week. The content in our conversation will equip you with tools to help you navigate the needs of this moment in personal and professional contexts. We’ll help you take your next steps through biblical truth and practical strategies from the experiences that built our lives and our friendship.


In this session, you’ll discover:

—the practical limits of your personal assumptions;

—the impact of honor on your influence; and

—five simple practices that will inspire you to lead with honor.


We believe that your leadership can help revive those who are struggling and restore a right perspective to those who need to see God’s design in the people and cultures of this nation and world. God has you in the right place for right now. You are positioned to make a difference by building bridges in your spheres of influence. 


Do your part to build bridges that invite unity by reaching into diversity, and trust God to bring a great awakening that heals and restores this nation.




Let’s build unity in diversity well, together.


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