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Jan 20, 2020

Can you believe we’re weeks into a NEW DECADE already?!

We’re excited for what’s ahead and ready with some practical tools to help guide your resolve to build life well — all year long.

So far, we’ve set our focus with a “2020 Personal Pledge,” talked about how to notice the nudges in your life and explored the power of a smart stop. If you’re new to our circle of amazing women, you can read more about these ideas in the first blogs of the year.

Today, we’re adding another new (old) move to your way of building life well.

Let’s get to it!



Think back to playing on the playground when you were a kid.

Spinning. Swinging. Sliding. Jumping. Running.

The world was endlessly fun. Every climb a new adventure. Every twirl an explosion of laughter!

The dares to swing higher, jump more and run faster stirred your courage. With beads of sweat on your brow, you braved the distance and told the story to whomever would listen, sentences spilling over one another in a sweeping narrative of your exploits.

Is it just us, or do you remember things this way too?!

The playground, like so much of childhood, brings to memory experiences that made us feel like life was being lived in leaps and bounds.

And while adventuring and athletics may include giant leaps of faith, learning and life are built on something far less awe-inspiring.

In fact, the most transformative movement in all of life is rather mundane and ordinary.

It’s something most of us do, every day.

We step.


We start our days with steps.

We put one foot in front of the other, from the bed to the bathroom. Upstairs to downstairs. Out the door to the car, bus or train. In and out of offices, stores, the gym, meeting rooms, airplanes, coffee shops, and kitchens.

We count steps and compete for more steps.

We also step into ideas, creative and strategic processes, success, opportunity and new beginnings the same way we step into poor decisions, snap judgments, and unkind responses — one foot after the other.

We step out of things too — things like unhealthy relationships, bad movies, and the wrong conversations.

Taking one step after another, whether on the street or in brainstorming sessions, is what gets each of us from one point to another. Ideally, it’s a movement from where we are to where we want to be. But sometimes our steps lead us sideways and down wrong paths to the point where we need to regroup and reroute.

Regardless, the power of this movement isn’t in the singular act of taking one step.

The power of this movement comes from the steady repetition of taking one step after another: steps in succession.

At a very foundational level, this is what you need to do to go from stuck to unstuck, from unfulfilled to living a full and meaningful life, from resigned to resolved.

But in spite of the commonsense wisdom behind this simple yet powerful movement, we meet many women who struggle following through on the idea that steps are what get you moving.

You may be here too — looking for a way forward but trapped in the mental gymnastics of reasoning through all the possible scenarios and outcomes. You’re forever weighing the options, frustrated by the limited opportunities in your current frame of reference. 

In an effort to gain clarity, are you pressing in from every angle to see around the corner into the future? Are you trying to figure out the right move to make or how to make it your next move right? Are you in a purposeful (and seemingly permanent) pause, waiting for the perfect move or a sign from above? 

If this is you, then you know that any real forward movement can come to a halt when you feel trapped. 

Maybe you feel trapped in a job, trapped by bad habits, trapped in unhealthy family or relationships dynamics, trapped by where you live, past experiences or your own thoughts.

The more trapped you feel, the harder it is to take a simple step forward.

So instead of looking for a step, you may begin to believe the only way out is a leap of faith. Something big. Something terrifying and radical. 

But that’s not how it works.

Movement doesn’t happen in leaps. It happens in steps.

While you may make a significant change in your life, big change is always preceded by steps of faith. 

In fact, most stories in scripture are stories of steps.

Think about it for a minute.

All the stories listed in the “Hall of Faith” in Hebrews 11 and the life of Jesus are examples of the power of this everyday movement.

Some stepped into unknown lands and some into the Promised Land.
Some into miracles and some into martyrdom.
Some stepped into rivers and some up mountains.
Some stepped into friendship and some into discipleship.
Some into palaces and some into deserts.
Some stepped out of tombs and some stepped into battle.
Some even stepped on water.

In all of the miraculous moments and movements in scripture, you don’t read about radical, abstract leaps of faith. 

You read about lives shaped by steps of faith.

Steps borne from adversity, curiosity, faithfulness, obedience, trust, mistakes and love.

These steps that we read about in God’s Word are still changing lives today.


Your steps will change lives too, beginning with the life you live everyday. 

As simple as it may seem, one of the most powerful tools for moving you forward is the ordinary act of putting one foot in front of the other.

Your steps are as foundational to getting unstuck as they are to living your everyday life.

When you take steps in succession, you have the power to turn your ordinary actions into extraordinary outcomes.

So, whether you’re looking for ways to engage your “2020 Personal Pledge,” considering where to serve in your local church or working to stay on track with your weekly, monthly or quarterly goals, progress is made in every step you take.

So just take the next step and the one after that.

It might mean stepping into a new experience, stepping up to a challenge, or stepping off of a committee. Stepping into new relationships or out of old ones. Stepping out of an unfulfilling position and into a more challenging assignment. Stepping out of fear and into taking a risk.  Stepping from comfortable to inconvenient and down right hard.

Whatever your next step may be, keep moving.

Hear us when we say: YOU CAN DO THIS.

And if you’re actively stepping but not sure where you’re going, make a “2020 Personal Pledge” and give yourself a focal point for growth in the months ahead.

We believe you’ll gain clarity, build confidence and discover greater faith as you take one step after another.

It’s the ordinary acts that make room for extraordinary outcomes, so just keep stepping!


Cheers to you… to a new decade… and to steps that build life well!


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