Blog Spotlight with Heather Busin Arnold: Faith Over Feelings

Apr 06, 2021

Have you ever had a call that took your breath away? 

A call that gave you that horrible sinking, rushing feeling that goes from your heart to your thighs immediately, and then all through your body—seemingly all at once? (It’s usually followed by a word or burst of words, which typically aren’t found in God’s Word.) 

I have--and I remember the call from my husband  like it was yesterday: I declined the ambulance. We’re coming home to gather our things for the night. I will take Jake to the trauma ward at Presby hospital where the surgeon and trauma team will be waiting for our arrival.  

Our 16-year-old, 6’1 son was in the trauma ward with a hematoma. This blood clot went from Jake’s left knee up to his hip flexor. The doctor’s report made it sound like it was the size of Lake Erie! 

This was beyond scary.

As I drove to the hospital to care for my son, I was emotionally and physically exhausted. On that drive, I was tempted to rehearse the situation and all the possible (bad) outcomes. There were medical considerations. We had travel plans soon. My marriage desperately needed some attention. And now, this.  

I wanted a healed son and adventure with my husband. No complications. No adjustments to my plans. Nothing but easy. But that’s not what was happening.

I knew the important thing was for me to decide, right now, whether or not I would put my faith in God or in the feelings that came like waves, each one threatening to be greater than the last. I had to decide if I really believed God’s Word to be true… If what I sing in my kitchen, pray in my heart , study in my oversized chair, lead in worship, tell to those I mentor, type on social media and declare to my family and friends—if  those words are simply chatter meant to take up empty space or something more.

The question I was trying to avoid since the trauma began kept rising in me. And I knew it was God asking me to set aside my feelings and focus on the Truth.

The question was simple: Heather, what do you KNOW to be TRUE right now?

I knew a lot to be true at that moment! And since I often assess and rely on my feelings to make decisions, they were pushing to be the loudest voice. But I’ve learned that feelings are not the final say. In fact, feelings make great servants, but terrible masters. They aren’t “THE Truth.” God has the ultimate Word, and His Word is Truth (John 17:17). 

If you’ve ever been in a situation where your emotions run high, you know the feeling I’m talking about. And you know how easy it can be to lose control of yourself, your faith and your hope in God.

To win the war over your emotions takes courage. It takes determination. It takes God’s Word. And it takes a willing heart—one that’s ready to ask and answer a simple question: What do I KNOW to be TRUE right now? 

To win the war over your emotions, you must believe that God is bigger than your situation. 

Give yourself a minute to think about this. 

How do you respond under pressure? 

What do you believe when life takes an unexpected turn off the pages of your planner? 

Then, be honest with yourself about how you typically respond.

Do you resort to your default mode of thinking and operating? 

Or, do you intentionally choose to focus your thoughts and emotions on Who God Is and what He says about you in His Word? 

Most of us use our default mode. Admittedly, during my son’s recent crisis, my answer to what I knew to be TRUE  started in a place where my faith was being assaulted by my emotions. My feelings were warring for my attention. I was desperate for my son’s immediate healing. I wanted to get to the hospital and take him home! 

What I knew to be true from God’s Word began to rise in me slowly, reluctantly. 

As I willfully focused on the character of God and His Word, I started to see the situation differently. I remembered scriptures I knew, and my faith for healing—for a full recovery—got stronger. Peace settled my soul.  

This was EXACTLY the point of the question: “What do you KNOW to be TRUE right now?”  

In this emotionally difficult moment, God was asking me to focus on Him and the truth of His Word. 

He was leading me to place my trust in Him and not on the current circumstances.  

We all face difficulties, challenges and headaches in some way or another. When we take our eyes off of the truth in God’s Word, it’s easy to get confused, out of focus, and for our emotions to be manipulated by what’s happening in the moment. When we start to see things in a way that’s contrary to God’s Word, it’s called deception. This is how Satan starts to steal our confidence, distort our identity, kill our purpose and ultimately destroy our lives. He is a liar and the Father of lies (John 8:44). 

But Jesus exposed Satan’s plans in John 10:10, and made the Truth of His (Jesus’) ways known to us.

A thief [Satan] is only here to steal and kill and destroy. I [Jesus] came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of.  

That’s clear and simple. If it steals, kills or destroys, it’s not from God. So what we believe to be true begins with what we believe about God. If we shift our thoughts to believe He is GOOD, we can experience His goodness, even in the face of traumatic or emotionally challenging situations.

The key is this: what you believe is what you become. 

And you have always been destined to become more fully the woman God created you to be.

So if you’re facing a situation where faith is hard to come by or you’re new to this journey of believing the truth of God’s Word more than your circumstances, the place to start is scripture. 

As a woman who loves God’s Word and worship, here’s how this works for me: I study and learn scripture, and I sing in worship, all the time. 

These four scriptures are ones that I go back to over and over again. They’re foundational to my journey of trust in God’s goodness and love for me.

Everything You [God] do is beautiful, flowing from your goodness; teach me the power of your wonderful words! (Psalm 119:68)

I am loved with an everlasting love. (Jeremiah 31:3)

Now I know, Lord, that you are for me, and I will never fear what man can do to me. (Psalm 118:6; Romans 8)

You shall supply all my needs in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19)

The verses from these two songs—“The Battle Belongs” by Phil Wickham and “Promises” by Maverick City Music—are top of my playlist right now. They give me strength to face whatever comes my way.

Back to the story that started this blog…

When I focused on God’s Word and worshipped Him, I was able to face the situation in peace. I didn’t know what would happen, when my son would be released to come home, or what we’d need to do next, but I knew God would keep me through it all. And He has. 

My son is home and the healing process is well underway. My husband and I have had some much needed time to enjoy life and connect with each other. And as I stand on the other side of the emotional turmoil of this situation, I’m reminded that God was always with me, and always for me. The same is true for you.

God is FOR YOU. He rejoices over you every moment of every day, no matter what you’re facing.

If this is hard to believe or if you’re in a moment that takes your breath away, try something that worked for me. It’s three simple steps.

  1. Put on worship music. Feel free to use the two songs above. 
  2. Look up 3-4 scriptures that give you a fresh perspective on God’s love, His goodness and His promises, especially as they pertain to your situation.
  3. Keep singing and keep reminding yourself of those promises!

Remember, what you believe you become, so…

Do this until you believe that God is good. 

Do this until you feel His love for you more than you feel the emotions of the moment. 

Do this until you know He’s for you!

Then answer the question — What do I KNOW to be TRUE right now? — with His Words and not your emotions. Let His Words—the words of scripture and Truth—shape you into a stronger, more confident woman of faith. 

His Word never fails. You can trust Him to see you through!


With love,


Heather wants to live in a world where leopard print is considered a color, books come bundled with chocolate and people desire a relationship with the living God.

As a stay-at-home mother of two teenagers with nearly 17 years of experience, she’s worked as a personal chef, cleaning lady, administrative assistant, on-call nurse, laundry service, taxi, educator, fashion coordinator, interior designer, hair stylist, education advocate and sports manager. She is a regular contributor to booster programs and PTO. She was voted “Best Dog Mom Personality” by the furry member of her family and has most recently been featured as a driver’s ed trainer and member of the football chain gang.

Heather's Favorite Things 

  • Mentoring College Women
  • Worshipping Jesus
  • Planning Fundraisers
  • Riding her Peloton
  • Reading Novels
  • Writing a Musical
  • Skiing with her Husband


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