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Sep 28, 2019

Hello and Welcome to The Smart Carpenter!

We’re Alyssa and Kisha. We are friends who became family, then business partners, but we were “faith buddies” first. We started our friendship by partnering together in prayer over our marriages, families, and future.

As we grew in faith and friendship, we discovered a common theme in our lives: we were “successful and stuck.”  

Maybe you know what this is like. You excel in life and are good at making it all look easy. But something’s off. That “something” keeps you moving fast but getting nowhere. Nothing you do seems to be moving you forward.

You’re stuck.


We know the reality of being successful and stuck because we’ve lived it. We’ve also seen it in the women we lead, coach, mentor, love, and admire. You may be living it now. Even if you’re not, you probably know someone who is.

If you’re in this place, it can be tough to admit and even more difficult to accept.

You’re good at what you do, and you’re working hard to be better. You’re making “the right moves,” so things should be different, right? Talking about it doesn’t help. At best, the recommendations of others, even other women of faith, only seem to produce short-term solutions. Somewhere inside, the sense of being stuck still lurks. 

The problem is there’s no real movement.

You're trapped in a cycle and it looks like this:

With every complete cycle the gap between expectation and reality widens.

The more you experience this cycle, the less you enjoy the satisfaction of success. You may quote Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) – “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” – but you do so with reluctant confidenceYou want it to be true. You hope it’s true. But each time you experience success, you cycle back to a lack of fulfillment. The next success never seems to be enough to satisfy, so you find yourself frustrated. Again. And the cycle repeats itself.

In trying to break the cycle, it’s tempting to move faster, work harder, do more.

As you re-cycle, frustration and a lack of fulfillment create a constant, low-grade sense of restlessness. And if you’re honest, it’s hard to have faith for a different outcome when everything you try leaves you dry inside.


You were not meant to live a “successful and stuck” life. The good news is that there’s a way to break the cycle. 

It’s through real movement. 

This isn’t the kind of movement where you’re going through the motions hoping that this time through the cycle will result in a different outcome.

Real movement is intentional. It's Purpose-filled. God-breathed. 

Real movement begins as an inner movement of your heart.

It causes you to wake up every morning excited and alive inside. You know that you bring something to the table and that the gifts in you matter. You also know that those gifts are meant for others. Because you live on purpose for a purpose greater than yourself, there’s an anticipation about your day and the people you’ll see and meet along the way. 

Real movement is how you were meant to live.

When real movement is the momentum of your life, it breaks the cycle of being successful and stuck. Instead of a frustrating, unfulfilling, and redundant cycle, real movement causes you to live in the unforced rhythms of God’s grace. It’s no longer about striving for success. It’s about how to build life well.


You can break the cycle of living successful and stuck. It’s a process, but it was never meant to be a solitary journey. You don’t (and shouldn’t) have to figure it all out on your own. We’re here to help!

Our purpose – the one driving us and this company – is to help women like you choose to move and equip you to build life well.

Our purpose is established in three simple beliefs that express our heart for you. 

We believe there is more to life than you’re living. 

We believe it’s never too late to make choices and changes to build life well.

We believe we can help

We want the momentum of your life to be inspired, meaningful, and fulfilling.

No more living in a cycle of successful and stuck! It’s time for you to build life well. 

This is where our story meets yours. 

We’ll come alongside and equip you to make confident decisions that create more meaning in your everyday life, and ultimately equip you to build your best life. 

We believe the key to building life well is to BUILD SMART. And to build smart, you need strategic tools and blueprints. You’ll also need the materials, processes, and practices to make this journey with confidence. Our years of missed opportunities and mistakes, grit and guesswork, and countless conversations with women like us – like you – are packed with insights and inspiration to help you build life well. 

So… if you’re wondering whether or not we’re on to something... stay with us.

As we share behind-the-scenes stories from our lives and practical biblical wisdom for making changes that last, we’ll give you the tools you need to make confident choices about your next steps. In this journey, you’ll discover more about the divine design of your life and begin to live more fully from the sacred center of who God made you to be.

The Smart Carpenter may be based on our story, but it’s really about yours.

It’s about challenging you to accept the same invitation we did – an invitation to reset your focus, refresh your confidence, and reshape the patterns of your heart and life according to the living and powerful word of God. It’s an invitation to hear the heart of God for your life, and to break the cycle of living successful and stuck with movement that matters.

We know you’ll need grace and a whole lotta gumption to make this journey.

But you won’t be alone.

We’ll be right alongside you, coaching and guiding you in the process. And we'll help connect you to other women who are share the same journey. 

Discover the unforced rhythms of real movement through the tools, strategies, and conversations we’ve designed with you in mind. Let us guide you in making smart choices and smart changes that will transform your life.

This is how you build life well: you choose well, today.

Start now. Choose to join us by staying connected to our blog each week. Let's build life well, together!


With gumption and a whole lotta grace,




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